• Passionate about game design and level design


    Game design

    I love to think about new concept games, new features and new ways to play.

    Level Design

    Build a map has always been a passion. To think about trap, dead-end, and to make sure the player will have a satisfying experience without getting annoyinf by the eventual difficulty of the level.


    Create stories is also one of my hobbies and i'd love to do that in video game industry. I write some story when i have free time.

  • My work

    Is There Someone ?

    2D horror game. Top view

    You are a little girl having a nightmare, and you want to leave your bad dream as fast as possible. But the road toward the exit isn't safe and many monsters block the path.

    Andy & KP

    Platformer point and clic 2D

    Andy&KP is a project asked by Microsoft. They wanted a game where we showed the difficulties to be handicapped.

    So in the game, we are Andy, accompanied by KP, the robot, and they searching for pieces of kp's ship. They go on planets where indigenous have sight issues or displacement problems.


    Orbeat is a dynamic and challenging 2D platformer with rotating levels, we made it easy to learn but it will be tricky to master.

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    Jonah Frossard